Canada Day 2.0

Happy collective national birthday, I have a present for you:

There are people who are dumping on Canada Day, listing off all of the faults in it’s history and even today.

That’s allowable, part of what is still good about the country is that it is not Totalitarian (and hopefully it stays that way).

There are people who just want to party a bit, or feel good about their country for a day.

That is totally acceptable, if your identity is part of any group it is good to feel good about that group at least one day a year, and the country is not that bad a place, really.

But there is no point to either of those stances that is really productive in a way that suits Canada. Dumping on it doesn’t do anything but make people feel guilty or take the fun out of it for the other folks, while just partying to celebrate pride in something that just (literally) comes with the territory is kinda self-indulgent.

So, here’s a new Canada Day tradition for you (it’s just like Christmas Spirit in that the best parts of it should apply to every day but on the one day especially as a kind of “Boost” to keep the habit fresh):

Make Canada Better.

Consciously choose one thing that sticks around from the past that isn’t really something to be proud of, and see if you can take one step forward with it to add to the progress.

If something was OK before, but is slipping, see if you can reinforce it or even add to it.

If you think Canada is perfect, always has been perfect, and always will be perfect and nothing can ever change that?

You may have gotten confused somewhere along the way (maybe around the American War of Independence?), and you have 3 days to get back home south of the border. There isn’t much time left so you better get a move on.

(enjoy your MAGA and drink responsibly).

If you actually love someone or something in a way that matters, you care enough to know it as thoroughly as you can and that means knowing it’s faults, flaws, and mistakes.

That means accepting them as part of the whole package, and being willing to put in the effort to help them move past their failings and be something more in the future.

That is a large portion of what love is, the hope that there can continue to be incrementally better and the faith that it is worth working towards that process.

Something that a LOT of people do not understand:
Perfect sucks.

If you have perfection, the ONLY way to go is downwards. There is no pride in having been perfect, that means that you screwed up and besides that, you are likely a bit wonky in the head. Because if it was perfect, how could it have started to devolve?

“Perfect” is NEVER to be found in the past. Ever.

Pride should be in something that accomplishes, something that is alive and is part of process.

The only thing that truly endures is change. Life knows this, that is why it invented recombination of DNA and allows for mutation.

“Love and how to keep things fresh”, biochemistry style.

Real pride does not need to be loud, proclaim judgements, or announce itself. That kind of thing is display for others to witness who you are trying to convince that you are of worth. It doesn’t have to be quiet either, false humility is a kind of vanity and keeping silent when something needs to be said is not something to be proud of.

Pride stands or sits on it’s own merits, and never stops.

Make Canada Better, because it will always be changing, there is no staying still, and the only other directions sucks.

Happy Canada Day, eh?